"I would like to thank the developers who have worked on the app - it’s been a real help for me as I had become a seriously habitual drinker - I have now settled into a good routine, limiting my intake to under 14 units/week and only imbibing on Friday and Saturday evenings. I couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you. I have told many friends about my success with the app, one of whom is a life coach who helps those with various addictions and although it’s early days for me, it really has proved to be a game changer."

"I love your app. In 2 weeks it’s helped me understand my consumption and learn to plan which has helped me cut down. I like the fact it’s contributing to wider research too."

"I’ve been participating with your Drink Less App for the last 14 weeks. During which I’ve made significant changes to my drinking consumption and life style. I feel I’m getting back some control over my drinking which was controlling me…my GP has me down as having average consumption at 27 alcohol units per week. It’s been like that for many years. That’s before I found and started working with your Drink Less app. So getting it down to 13 units / wk is something my wife and I are proud of. Thanks again for your help and please keep up the good work."

"Best alcohol app out there: This is an excellent and truly effective app: so much more helpful than all of the others out there, as it helps to deal with the emotional and psychological reasons for drinking, not just sending inaccurate alerts when you are near a pub (another app I had used to warn me not to drink when I was in the gym, it was so off kilter). This is genuinely clever and realistic, helping me to work with my counsellor and groups as another support. Thank you. Couldn't recommend more."

"Well researched and brilliantly designed. It's both easy and thorough to track drinking and how it affects all areas your life. It's designed so it's not preaching because mostly you capture and listen to your own advice - very individualised and very powerful. A great tool to help consider past consequence and create better future behaviours around use of alcohol."

"Excellent app that is so useful. Would definitely recommend it."

"My favourite app to use to cut my drinking down."

"Lots of these apps around but this one is easy to use, non judgemental and backed up by theory. Really like it. I was surprised by my results. Tracker, goal setting and ideas about how my drinking compares with others. I was surprised!"