Privacy notice

The data we collect will only be used for academic research conducted by University College London with a view to developing improved ways of helping people to drink less.

The Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group at University College London (UCL) is collecting the data and processes users' data for the following purposes:

  • To help users drink less
  • To improve the smartphone application
  • To conduct research and write publications that add to the scientific literature
  • To communicate with users

The data collected includes that which the user voluntarily enters or provides when using the Drink Less app (e.g. gender, age, country, job type, alcohol consumption) and app usage. The data collected includes personal data – email addresses – which is entered voluntarily. Those personal data will be stored for up to three years.

Processing of users’ data is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest. Health data on alcohol consumption is necessary for scientific research purposes and is in accordance with safeguards.

Research governance within UCL ensures that data is:

  • Necessary to support research
  • Only used to support legitimate research activities that are considered to be in the public interest
  • Safeguarded/protected


The Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group at UCL will not share user data with any third parties.

Right of access:

Email addresses are collected from some users from version 2.0.7 onwards. If a user enters their email address, then the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group at UCL can share the data held on the user with that user. Up to three years after downloading the app, users can request this by emailing along with the email address entered during the registration process. The Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group at UCL will then send users any data that it holds on them within one calendar month of receipt.

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, please contact us –

You may withdraw consent at any time by going to the Help tab of the app and choosing "Opt out".

Terms and Conditions

All data will be stored securely, and in line with our privacy notice. You are not obliged to have your data used for academic research and you should not feel coerced. If you choose to withdraw you may do so without disadvantage to yourself and without any obligation to give a reason. To withdraw please go to the Help tab of the app and choose "Opt out".

Please feel free to ask us any questions on