Why choose this app

  • Based on latest research

    Based on latest research

    Built using the best available scientific evidence and good design principles.

  • Set goals, see progress

    Set goals, see progress

    Set goals for calories, money, alcohol-free days or units. Which will work for you?

  • Help advance science

    Help advance science

    Use the app and you'll help scientists learn how to help more people drink less alcohol

It's completely free. And ad-free too.

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Easy access to lots of useful information

The dashboard shows how your drinking is changing, how close you are to achieving your goals and some simple things you can do today to drink less.

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The dashboard shows how your drinking is changing

Log your drinking with just three taps

Tap to open, tap to select, tap to confirm. Recording new or your usual drinks couldn't be easier.

Log your drinking with just three taps

Lots of other techniques to help you cut down

We've searched the scientific literature to find the best techniques to help you drink less. Download the app now to find out what they are.

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So what's this experiment you're running?

We're testing which app components are most effective at helping people reduce their drinking. We know that certain techniques work when delivered face-to-face but we don't know how well they work when delivered by an app. The findings will form the core part of the PhDs that David Crane and Claire Garnett are completing at UCL and will hopefully help other researchers understand more about this important area.

Do I have to take part in the experiment to use the app?

No, all the app's features will work regardless whether you participate in the experiment or not and you can opt-out of it at any time. However, we'd greatly appreciate it if you took part fully, as the information you give us will help us understand which techniques are most efective at helping people drink less.

Do I have to give you my email address?

No, and you can use the app fully either way. If you give us your address all we'll do is email you with a brief questionnaire, the answers to which will help us learn which techniques have and haven't worked. Plus, you'll be entered into a draw to win a £100 voucher.

Is my information safe and am I anonymous?

Yes and yes. We treat your data with the greatest respect and make sure it's both anonymised and stored securely.

How do I turn off or change the time of the reminders?

Just go to:

 Help >> Reminders

To turn them off completely or adjust when you're reminded.

What else can I do?

There's a good few options in the app itself. Have a play around, you probably won't break anything.

How do I opt out completely?

Just go to:

 Help >> Opt out

And we'll make sure your data is not included in the final analysis.


Any other questions? Please get in touch.